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Research on the Challenges of Acquiring Language & Literacy

The Language & Literacy Initiative at Georgia State University is a unique collaborative effort crossing colleges and departments committed to research on the challenges of acquiring language and literacy. Our research is conducted by faculty and students from two colleges (Arts & Sciences and Education & Human Development) and ten departments led by the departments of Psychology (A&S) and Educational Psychology, Special Education and Communicative Disorders (ESC).

students in a classroomOur goal is to create a world class interdisciplinary research and doctoral training program focused on the acquisition of language and literacy. This initiative in particular underscores the language and literacy acquisition process for those individuals who face challenges in these domains. These individuals include children and adults at risk for language and or literacy difficulties. They may have identified developmental and/or learning disabilities. Our research programs address not only basic conceptual and methodological issues in the area of language and literacy acquisition, but also have designed and evaluated interventions that may help individuals overcome challenges in the acquisition of language and literacy.

Fellowship opportunities are available for Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) students interested in language and literacy.

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