Dr. Eva van Leer conducts a stroboscopy on a patient's vocal chords

Voice Treatment Lab

Voice Disorders

Voice disorders are problems involving abnormal quality, pitch, and loudness of sound produced by the larynx and resonated by the vocal tract. Voice disorders are also typically characterized by vocal fatigue and by increased effort to produce voice.

Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is an evidence-based behavioral treatment that teaches individuals to change their voice production mechanics or technique. Many voice disorders can be reduced or resolved through voice therapy. However, voice therapy requires daily practice of voice exercises and technique. Therefore, adherence to voice therapy homework can be a challenge.


Our Research

The focus of our research is to develop and test different approaches and tools to predict and improve voice therapy adherence. As part of this programmatic line of research, we conduct studies in the effect of mobile reminders on voice practice, mobile acoustic analysis feedback, peer support, frequency of voice therapy sessions and motivational techniques.

Participate in our research!

Ongoing opportunities to participate in our research are available to adults 18 years and up, both with and without voice disorders. To find out if you are eligible for a study, please contact the lab at [email protected], leave us a voice mail at 404-413-8312 or complete the following form.

Voice Lab Participation