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Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Our research centers, hubs and laboratories include:

Research projects seek to better understand the psychological and physiological stress response in people living with aphasia, to investigate how caregivers of people with aphasia cope with stress, and to explain the use of alternative therapies.

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Dr. Cynthia Puranik's Child Reading & Writing Lab (CRAWL) research focuses on understanding early writing development- including assessment and instruction of early writing skills. Current research projects involve developing and testing the effectiveness of an early writing intervention and exploring how tablet computers can be used to teach emergent writing skills.

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Dr. Eva van Leer's Voice Treatment Laboratory currently focuses on research related to treatment outcomes and patient adherence in behavioral voice therapy. Current research projects are investigating the prediction, measurement and improvement of adherence to voice therapy through the use of mobile technology and social-cognitive approaches.

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Professor Julie Washington and associate professor Nicole Patton-Terry focus on African American children in first through fifth grades, and conduct research in metro-Atlanta area school systems with large populations of African American students to differentiate between those children who have learning disabilities and those for whom language variation and socioeconomic status play a large role in their struggles to read and write.

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This center focuses on understanding and supporting the development, academic achievement, and overall well-being of children living in urban areas. The UCSC is an interdisciplinary research center that promotes the overall development and school success of children and youth in urban contexts through innovative, translational research that informs policy and practice. Leveraging the College’s and University’s talent and resources, UCSC focuses on children, families, school, and communities.

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