Special Education Adapted Curriculum (Intellectual Disabilities)

This course of study is for students seeking only teacher certification. Certification only students complete a planned program that leads to a College of Education & Human Development recommendation to the Professional Standards Commission for certification K-12 as a teacher of Special Education: Adapted Curriculum. The focus of the coursework is students with moderate, severe, and profound intellectual disabilities.

All initial teacher preparation program candidates must pass a state mandated teacher performance assessment, the edTPA, at the end of their programs in order to become certified in Georgia. The teacher performance assessment is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to help all students learn. Teacher candidates are required to demonstrate knowledge and skills in planning, teaching, assessing and analyzing student learning. Please see as follows the number of teacher candidates who passed the edTPA out of the total number of candidates who successfully submitted the edTPA in the program, subject-specific area.

Special Education - 9/9

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