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Behavior Learning Disabilities (BLD)

The Behavior and Learning Disabilities (BLD) Program within the Special Education Program at Georgia State University is focused on addressing the needs of children, adolescents, and adults with learning disabilities, emotional behavior disorders, attention deficit disorders, mild intellectual disabilities, mild forms of autism spectrum disorder, and other mild to moderate disabilities that affect academic success, behavior, and social functioning.

These disabilities are often referred to as “high incidence” because they are the most frequently represented areas of disabilities in schools today.

Students with these disabilities are served across a continuum of placements, including the general education classroom, pullout and small groups, self-contained special education classrooms, public schools, private schools, residential facilities, and colleges and universities.

The BLD program at Georgia State University offers undergraduate and graduate programs and coursework to help students

(1) learn more about individuals with disabilities

(2) become certified to teach students with disabilities

(3) advance their knowledge and practices for working with students with disabilities

(4) become researchers, academic faculty, and leaders in the field.

In the state of Georgia, the teaching certificate associated with the field of BLD is called Special Education General Curriculum (P-12).

All initial teacher preparation program candidates must pass a state mandated teacher performance assessment, the edTPA, at the end of their programs in order to become certified in Georgia. The teacher performance assessment is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to help all students learn. Teacher candidates are required to demonstrate knowledge and skills in planning, teaching, assessing and analyzing student learning. Please see as follows the number of teacher candidates who passed the edTPA out of the total number of candidates who successfully submitted the edTPA in the program, subject-specific area.

Special Education - 9/9

What BLD program is right for you? 

Undergraduate Programs

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Learn more about individuals with disabilities and how to become a teacher:

Graduate and Nondegree Programs

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Become a teacher, advance your teaching skills, and gain research and leadership expertise:

Undergraduate Programs

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Visit What Does It Cost? for undergraduate financial aid information.

Graduate and Nondegree Programs

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The application process is completed online. View the College of Education & Human Development’s graduate admissions page for more information on how to apply.

Financial Aide and GRA Positions

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There are a variety of resources available to help you pay for graduate school.

Additional Information

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Our faculty are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise in addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities, as well as all individuals who struggle with various aspects of academic success, behavior, and socio-emotional functioning.

Learn more about our faculty: