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The sequence of courses emphasizing Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) at Georgia State University (GSU) is contained in the Special Education M.A.T. program.

Georgia does not have a separate teaching certification for autism. However, at GSU, a student can earn a teaching certificate in either “Special Education (P-12) General Curriculum” or “Special Education (P-12) Adaptive Curriculum.”

The certificate is determined based on the characteristics of pupils with ASD the student is, or plans on, working with and the Praxis II or GACE completed. Either certification results in the student being uniquely qualified to educate children and youth with autism spectrum disorders.

Students who wish only certification can apply to the non-degree program and take the courses that lead to certification, enabling them to be better prepared to educate individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

For more information about autism, visit NINDS Autism Information Page.

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Course of Study

The planned program form you fill out with your advisor is the official list of courses you will take in order to meet certification requirements. Following initial advisement, you will receive in the mail a copy that has your signature, your advisor’s signature, and the department chairperson’s signature. You will need to satisfactorily complete all required course work listed on your planned program in order to be eligible for certification. You may not independently make changes to your course of study.

Any changes to the courses indicated on the planned program form must be approved in advance by your advisor. A revised planned program form will have to be written, signed, and sent to the Office of Academic Assistance so that it is available for the final audit of your course work by that office.

All initial teacher preparation program candidates must pass a state mandated teacher performance assessment, the edTPA, at the end of their programs in order to become certified in Georgia. The teacher performance assessment is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to help all students learn. Teacher candidates are required to demonstrate knowledge and skills in planning, teaching, assessing and analyzing student learning. Please see as follows the number of teacher candidates who passed the edTPA out of the total number of candidates who successfully submitted the edTPA in the program, subject-specific area.

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