Program FAQs

Is your program accredited?

YES. The CSD Program is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA), an organization that is affiliated with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

How long will it take me to complete the program?

If you have an undergraduate major in CSD or have taken nearly all of the prerequisite courses, you can usually complete the program in six (6) semesters (including summers). If you have an undergraduate degree in another area or have only taken a few prerequisite courses, you can usually complete the program in nine (9) semesters (including summers). 

Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders to apply?

No. An undergraduate degree in CSD is not required to apply for the Master’s program. However, the program length for individuals without a degree in CSD is typically three (3) semesters longer than programs for those with the undergraduate degree.

How many students are typically admitted each year?

The CSD Program faculty limits the number of students admitted each year to maintain a high level of program quality in both academic instruction and clinical supervision. Each year, we target 25-28 students to enroll as a cohort.

Are there scholarships/graduate assistantships and financial assistance options available?

Yes. Our program offers a limited number of graduate assistantships and these assistantships vary in terms of type of work, tuition payment, and stipend. Once you have been admitted into the program, we will send you a graduate assistantship application if requested. If an assistantship is not obtained from the CSD program, there are other options available within Georgia State. Other departments within the College of Education & Human Development and other colleges at Georgia State offer graduate assistantships for which you can apply by contacting those departments. Financial aid is also available through the Office of Financial Aid (

When will I know what courses I will take?

Once you are admitted to the CSD Program you will be assigned an advisor. You will meet with your advisor to plan your program (determining specific courses needed and when they will be taken) in May or early summer.

When will I start my clinical practicum?

If you have an undergraduate degree in CSD, you will start your clinical experience in the first fall semester of your program in CSD 7630 Fundamentals of Clinical Practice. In this class you will learn about the provision of clinical services and the procedures used in our on-campus clinic. You will participate in supervised observations and shadow an experienced clinician with a specific client. This experience will prepare you to start your clinical practicum (CSD 7910) in the next semester providing services to clients assigned to you. If you do not have an undergraduate degree in CSD, you will start this sequence of experiences in the fall semester of your second year in the program.

How many semesters of on-campus clinical practicum will I have?

You will take three (3) semesters of on-campus clinical practicum. Each semester you enroll in clinic, your clinical experiences will increase to include more clients and responsibilities to prepare you for your internships.

Will I do any off-campus practicum?

Yes. You will have a one semester full-time internship in a school setting and a one semester full-time internship in a medical setting. The locations for these internships include nationally recognized hospitals and medical centers, rehabilitation centers, private practices, and public and private schools throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area. You will complete these internships in the last two semesters of your program.

Do I have to find my own internship placements?

No. Your internship placement will be determined by our Director of Clinical Education and Internship Coordinator in consultation with the faculty based on your interests and need for client clock hours. We have contracts established with hospitals and medical centers, rehabilitation centers, private practices, and public and private schools throughout the greater Atlanta area.

Do you offer distance learning or on-line courses?

At this time, the CSD Program does not offer these academic options.

Can I take classes only at night?

No. You will need to take classes both during the day and in the evening. The time each class is scheduled may vary from semester to semester and most classes are only offered once per year. In addition, students must be available to participate in clinical practicum experiences during the day.

Can I maintain a part-time job while in the Master’s program?

Most students cannot maintain a part-time job, unless it is for only a few hours each week and the hours are flexible. Remember, once admitted to the program, you are a full-time student. The CSD Program is intensive in both academic and clinical work, leaving little time for outside employment.

Does your program offer a tour of the facilities on campus?

If you would like a tour of the Georgia State University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, please contact the Clinic office at 404-413-8044 to schedule an appointment. For campus tours, please contact the Georgia State University Welcome Center at 404-413- 2063. If you apply to the program and are invited for an interview, you will have an opportunity to tour the Clinic and meet with current students and faculty members at that time.