Ph.D. Opportunities in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Students interested in a doctoral degree can pursue a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology or the Ph.D. program in Education of Students with Exceptionalities with a concentration in communication disorders. These options include coursework in the selected majors in Educational Psychology or Special Education and in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Aphasia and Motor Speech Disorders

Lab technician works with an elderly woman

Dr. Jacqueline Laures-Gore has an active research lab focused on Aphasia and Motor Speech Disorders. Current projects focus on variables affecting aphasia recovery, aphasia intervention, aphasia community groups, aprosodia in dysarthric speakers and foreign accent syndrome.   If interested in Ph.D. work with Dr. Laures-Gore, contact her at [email protected].

Child Literacy and Language Skills

Children holding pencils and working on a paperDr. Cynthia Puranik’s research focuses on understanding early writing development including assessment and instruction of early writing skills. She has simultaneously explored both basic theoretical and highly applied research pathways to address questions pertaining to children’s emergent and early conventional writing. Current research projects in her Child Reading & Writing Lab (CRAWL) involve developing and testing the effectiveness of an early writing intervention and exploring how tablet computers can be used to teach emergent writing skills. If interested in Ph.D. work with Dr. Puranik, contact her at [email protected].

Dialect, Poverty and Academic Success Lab (DPAS)

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Dr. Julie Washington’s research focuses on improving outcomes of African American children from preschool through grade 5 who speak African American English (AAE), and who are growing up in poverty. Currently research in the lab seeks to improve assessment, identification and diagnosis of reading difficulties in first through fifth grade African American children. This work includes a focus on children, their families, teachers and communities. Dr. Washington is also involved in research related to language development and language disorders in low income African American children, as well as early literacy and academic achievement. If interested in Ph.D. work with Dr. Washington contact her at [email protected].

Voice Disorders

Mature Woman With Headphones in Public Transportation

Dr. Eva van Leer has expertise in voice science and disorders. Her Voice Treatment Lab focuses on research related to treatment outcomes and patient adherence in behavioral voice therapy. Current research projects investigate the prediction, measurement and improvement of adherence to voice therapy through the use of mobile technology and social-cognitive approaches. If interested in Ph.D. work with Dr. van Leer, contact her at [email protected].