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Student Outcome Data


The CSD Program is accredited in the area of speech-language pathology by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA). National accreditation ensures that the program meets specified standards in the areas of administrative structure and governance, faculty and instructional staff, curriculum, students, assessment, and program resources. By graduating from an accredited program, you will be eligible to apply for ASHA certification in speech-language pathology. The course work and practicum requirements also conform to those of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for teacher certification, and the Georgia Board of Examiners for state licensure. For questions regarding the program’s accreditation status, contact the Council on Academic Accreditation at the link above or at 301-296-5700.


Program Completion Rate

Period # completed program within expected time frame # completed later than expected time frame # not completing % completing within expected time frame
2016-2017 23 1 0 96%
2015-2016 21 3 2 81%
2014-2015 20 1 0 95%
3 year average 21.33 1.67 .67 90%


The PRAXIS II Exam in Speech-Language Pathology is required for national and state certification and state licensure.  Until Spring 2015, the passing score on the exam was 600.  Beginning Summer 2015, scores are reported on a 100–200 point scale and a passing score is 162. The average scores for the past three years are shown below:

Praxis Examination Pass Rates

Period # taking exam Pass rate (%) Average score
2016-2017 24 100% 184
2015-2016 24 100% 183

F2014-Sp2015 – 6

Summer 2015 – 15

F2014-Sp2015 – 100%

Summer 2015 – 100%

F2014-Sp2015 – 690

Summer – 183

3 year average





The Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at Georgia State University boasts a high employment rate for our graduates. You will be eligible to find employment in diverse settings including public and private schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and private practices.

Employment Rates of Graduates

Period Employment Rate in Profession
# of graduates  % of graduates employed as Speech-Language Pathologist
2016-2017 24 100%
2015-2016 24 100%
2014-2015 21 100%
3 year average