CommunicAid+Nation students

Student Organizations

The following student organizations have an ESC connection:



A. To provide resources and support for individuals and their families with communication and language disorders that will empower them to access the world around them. B. To increase awareness of communication and language disorders through events and planned student activities

C. To advocate on campus and in the community on behalf of people with communication and language disorders.

D. To develop a community where students can both share and act on their passion for communication

E. Organization activities may include meetings, awareness events, fundraising, and social events.

Educational Psychology & Special Education Doctoral Student Association

Overview: To enrich the collegiate experience for doctoral students in the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education. EPSE-DSA strives to provide quality, student-centered programs, services, and involvement opportunities which celebrate diversity, promote recruitment and retention, and foster leadership and student development.

National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Overview: The National Student Speech-Language-hearing Association was created by students at the Georgia State University Communication Disorders Program. This group is open to students in the Communication Disorders Program or any speech and hearing related programs or major.

Student Council for Exceptional Children

The voice and vision of special education — Our mission is to advocate for children and individuals with disabilities. Join us as we make an impact in our community and change the lives of our future!

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