A-Z alphabet in childlike drawing

Child Reading & Writing Lab (CRAWL)

Dr. Cynthia Puranik’s research focuses on understanding early writing development — including assessment and instruction of early writing skills.

She has simultaneously explored both basic theoretical and highly applied research pathways to address questions pertaining to children’s emergent and early conventional writing.

Current research projects involve developing and testing the effectiveness of an early writing intervention and exploring how tablet computers can be used to teach emergent writing skills.

Current Research Projects

  • The primary goal of the Peer-Assisted Writing Strategies (PAWS) project is to develop and test the effectiveness of an early writing intervention aimed at improving kindergarten students’ writing skills by teaching them to coach their peers on basic transcription and early writing skills. As part of the project, additional questions about the reliability and validity of curriculum based writing measures are also being addressed.
  • The primary goal of the PreK Writing App project is to determine whether preschool children can benefit from using technology as a medium for teach emergent writing skills. This work involves evaluating the quality of apps for PreK letter writing and training PreK students to write uppercase letters using an iPad.

How to Get Involved!

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in working in the Child Reading & Writing Lab (CRAWL) should contact Dr. Puranik at cpuranik@gsu.edu.