Welcome to Special Education

Our focus is on behavior and learning disabilities, deaf/hard of hearing, orthopedic disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism and early childhood special education.

The fields of study under Special Education include three areas:

  • Multiple and Severe Disabilities (MSD)
  • Behavior/Learning Disabilities (BLD)
  • Education of Students with Exceptionalities

The NCATE accredited multiple and severe disabilities (MSD) program in special education offers initial certification, a master’s degree (M.Ed.) and a doctoral degree (Ph.D.). The focus of the MSD program is on more serious disabilities including sensory disabilities, orthopedic disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities and early childhood special education. Initial certification may be in any of the disability areas referred to previously.

An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university is a pre-requisite for entry into the M.Ed. program leading to initial certification in special education.

The doctoral degree for the MSD program is a Ph.D. in Education of Students with Exceptionalities. This Ph.D. program provides graduates with the skills necessary to perform university teaching and research.

Concentrations are available in autism spectrum disorder, behavior disorders, early childhood special education, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, physical and health disabilities and deaf and hard of hearing.