Certification Only Programs

Initial Certification in Multiple and Severe Disabilities

This non-degree program prepares students seeking only teacher certification. Applicants to the initial certification non-degree multiple and severe disabilities program are able to pursue the following concentrations: Special Education Adapted Curriculum (Intellectual Disability), Special Education General and Adapted Curriculum (Autism Spectrum Disorders), Special Education Deaf Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Special Education Physical and Health Disabilities (Orthopedic Impairments).

The initial program in adapted curriculum (intellectual disabilities) is for students seeking only teacher certification, who will complete a planned program that leads to a College of Education recommendation to the Professional Standards Commission for certification K-12 as a teacher of Special Education: Adapted Curriculum. The coursework is designed to provide the learner with an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of students with moderate, severe, and profound intellectual disabilities and how those characteristics determine the instructional content to be addressed as well as effective strategies to ensure student learning.
At Georgia State University, a student can earn a teaching certificate in either “Special Education (P-12) General Curriculum” or “Special Education (P-12) Adaptive Curriculum.” The certificate is determined based on the characteristics of pupils with autism spectrum disorders the student is, or plans on, working with and the Praxis II or GACE completed. Either certification results in the student being uniquely qualified to educate children and youth with autism spectrum disorders.
Students seeking certification only must complete hold an existing teaching certificate in some area of education. The coursework is designed to meet and exceed the standards in the field of education of students who are deaf and hard of hearing and provide the learner with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach student who are placed in the Special Education category of Hearing Impairment(s).
The initial certification program in physical and health disabilities will prepare these teachers to be eligible to instruct students who are in the special education category of orthopedic impairments. This includes students with a wide range of physical impairments, neuromotor impairments, degenerative diseases and severe health impairments who may have additional cognitive/learning or sensory impairments.
The Early Childhood Special Education initial certification program offers two certification options, including:

  • Early Childhood Special Education-General Curriculum (certified to teach all core subjects for children from preschool through 5th grade with and without disabilities included in the general curriculum)
  • Special Education Preschool (certified to teach children 3-5 years old with disabilities)

Preschool Special Education Endorsement

Program applicants must be fully certified teachers. Nine semester hours of coursework are required for endorsement in preschool special education for professionals holding teacher certification in early childhood education, special education, or speech language pathology. Completion of the coursework requirements below, as designated, qualifies the students for endorsement in preschool handicapped education.